The committee is dedicated to empowering every student to care for yourself and others, educate our campus community, and take action.

The committee is dedicated to empowering every student to care for yourself and others, educate our campus community, and take action.
Committee Mission:
  • To support the continuation of HIV/AIDS education to the campus (i.e., freshmen orientation, curriculum infusion, and other programs and activities).
  • To periodically assess campus programs, activities and needs.
  • To serve as a link to appropriate resources for campus members seeking information on HIV/AIDS issues.
  • To provide a forum for networking for on- and off-campus resources addressing HIV/AIDS concerns.
  • To oversee and approve the allocations from the Charles B. Weis Jr. Endowment Fund.


Meet the Committee


Portrait - Marisol Torres-Reyes
Maria Del Sol

Health Educator, The Well

Marisol Torres received her bachelor's degree in health science from CSU San Bernardino and Master of Public Health in community health sciences from UCLA. She taught health as a high school teacher, was a volunteer health educator at Planned Parenthood and was a field team researcher at Foothill AIDS Project. She is currently the health educator at The Well. Marisol chose to be part of the HIV/AIDS committee to help reduce stigma on campus and in the community, as well as focus on disproportionally affected groups.

Portrait - Megan Rush
Megan Rush, MPH, CHES

LGBT Resource Center Program Coordinator
Committee Member

Megan Rush is a queer health educator and social justice advocate who earned a bachelor's degree in community health and a master’s degree in public health from CSU San Bernardino. Megan is a former HIV tester, and sexual and reproductive health educator, and is currently the program coordinator for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC) at UCR. Megan’s passion lies at the intersection between the LGBTQ social justice movement and our own personal wellness. Megan wanted to co-chair this committee in order to destigmatize information and education on HIV/AIDS around campus. When Megan isn't working, she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking/baking and loves hanging out at Disneyland.

Portrait - Devon Sakamoto
Devon Sakamoto, MPH, MCHES

Director, The Well
Committee Member

Devon Sakamoto received her bachelor’s degree in women’s studies from UCR. She earned a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in maternal and child health from The George Washington University, and re-joined the UCR family in 2011, taking a position in The Well. Devon held positions in young adult health education with Planned Parenthood and the Contra Costa County Public Health Department prior to coming to UCR. In addition to her love of health education, Devon enjoys running, cycling, nature and spending time with her family. Devon joined this committee because of her dedication to health education and access for all.

Portrait - Tracy Kahn
Tracy Kahn

Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Biology
Committee Member

Tracy Kahn received her doctorate in botany from UCR in 1987. She is the curator and Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Chair for the University of California, Riverside Citrus Variety Collection in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences. Established in 1910, the collection is one of the world's most diverse living collections of citrus and citrus relatives. As a member of the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, Tracy conducts research to develop and evaluate new citrus cultivars for the California citrus industry. Tracy is also a member of the Department of Biology where she currently teaches the infamous "Dirty 30" (Biology 30), UCR’s human reproduction and sexual behavior course, two quarters a year for classes with an enrollment of up to 300 students per quarter. She has taught this course since 2001 and has served on the Committee on HIV/AIDS since 1997.

Portrait - Rhiannon Little-Surowksi
Rhiannon Little-Surowski, M.Ed.

Student Organization Coordinator, Student Life
Committee Member

Rhiannon Little-Surowski, a UCR alumna, has been committed to working with students at the university since 2006. Since the beginning of her college days, she has been passionate about serving underrepresented communities. Being on the HIV/AIDS committee at UCR has been one of the many ways Rhiannon has been able to give back. She also provides undergraduate and graduate students with HIV/AIDS education, awareness and resources. Rhiannon hopes to continue to improve the information that is currently out there in order to empower, educate, and inform students, staff, faculty and the Riverside community.

Portrait - Dr. Brandon Brown
Dr. Brandon Brown

Associate Professor, Center for Healthy Communities, School of Medicine
Committee Member

Brandon Brown is a health services researcher and assistant professor in the Center for Healthy Communities Department of Social Medicine and Population Health at UCR's School of Medicine. He is creating new education and research initiatives within the center, and partnering with local community centers and public health practitioners to build a robust service and research portfolio focused on HIV, HPV and bioethics. Brown is the chair of the board of directors of TruEvolution and sits on the UCR institutional review board.

Portrait - Sanisha Meador
Sanisha Meador

Care Coordinator, TruEvolution
Committee Member

Sanisha MeadorSanisha “Sunni” Meador is the director of advocacy of TruEvolution. She holds a bachelor's degree from UCR in women's studies, and applies her knowledge to create a platform for the community to use their voice, to equip the community with information on how to protect and stand up for themselves, and to help LGBT teens navigate access to healthcare and community resources such as housing, food and transportation. She is originally from Oakland, California, where her interest in community organizing started. From joining myriad campus organizations (like California for Justice) to helping start one (Gay Straight Alliance), Sunni has always had her feet planted firmly in helping the community.

Portrait - Jorge Delos Santos
Jorge Delos Santos

Director of Programs, TruEvolution
Committee Member

Jorge Delos Santos graduated from the University of California, Riverside with bachelor's degrees in women’s studies and anthropology. As program manager with TruEvolution, one of Jorge’s passions is working specifically with LGBTIQ Chicanx/Latinx individuals. Jorge currently sits on the Riverside Latino Network Board, and regularly volunteers in the Chicanx/Latinx Community in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. He joined the committee because he wants to provide students with accurate information when it comes to HIV/AIDS. Jorge is dedicated to reducing HIV/AIDS stigma, providing accurate information regarding the transmission of HIV and educating people on safer sex practices.

Portrait - Toi Thibodeaux
Toi Thibodeaux, M.S.

Assistant Director, LGBT Resource Center
Committee Member

Toi Thibodeaux holds a bachelor's degree in health care management and master's degree in health services administration from CSU San Bernardino. Toi has served as assistant director for the LGBT Resource Center at UCR since 2008 and is the current co-chair of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on LGBT Student, Faculty & Staff. Toi was appointed to serve as a committee member for the University of California Office of the President Task Force & Implementation Team on LGBT Climate & Inclusion from 2012–14. Toi is available as a resource for all students, staff and faculty to provide educational programming and training that contributes to student success, community-building and creating a safe, inclusive campus environment. Toi has direct responsibility for many of the LGBTRC's student support programs and is an experienced diversity trainer. Toi is a role model for queer students of color on the UCR campus, and established the BlaqOUT Conference in 2014 and BlaqOUT, a discussion group for LGBTQ students who are black, African American or of African descent. Toi also spends hours working with LGBTQ and questioning students one-on-one and has great insight into the concerns and needs of this student population.

Not Pictured:

Jonathan Godoy

Budget, Personnel & Program Assistant, The Well, Co-Chair 

Alice Chavez

Budget, Personnel & Program Assistant, Chicano Student Programs, Co-Lead

Erick Gonzalez

Student Representative, Committee Member